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London-based director, Davy, blends style and substance. With twelve years in the industry, he’s comfortable crafting TV commercials, documentaries, and more. Davy (also a poet & writer) is on a mission to craft stories that stick in the mind, he tries to inject a little poetry in all his films
A screenshot from the 'As Versatile As You Are' Ford Tourneo Connect commercial directed by Davy Lazare. The image shows a lady in a workshop in the countryside, with the Ford Tourneo in the background.Screenshot from spokenword film 'Bodies' directed by Davy Lazare. Image depicts a man performing an expressive dance to the backdrop of a morning's sky.
From the 'AS VERSATILE AS YOU ARE' Ford Tournero Connect commercial directed by Davy Lazare. A family parked by the mountain roadside get picnic items from their Ford car boot. Screenshot from the Ford 'Lifesavers' documentary series, depicting 2 fire fighters entering a burning building.A close-up shot of a cocktail maker serving a Long Island Ice Tea in the Hoxton Spirits cocktail spot, directed by Davy Lazare.

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